GREENER PASTURES (Aren’t Always Greener)

Sometimes, we look at the green grass on the other side of the fence, for a variety of reasons. It produces better, it looks healthier, stronger, plusher or maybe you are bored on your side of the fence.
The problem with the greener grass is what we don’t see. We don’t see the pests, nasty critters, ditches, mole tunnels, ant hills and drama issues it holds that you can’t always see with the naked eye.
Just because something looks better for a moment on the surface.  This doesn’t mean it is better in the long run.
There will always be a greener pasture and if we are constantly running around looking for greener pastures, we will never be grounded and the question arises, how deep are our roots?
When you do cross over to the “greener pasture” either to take a double look, or visit under the starlight even for a short time. You take the risk of making your own pasture barren. All the time that you spent in weeding, planting, gardening, pruning and watering is time wasted.
You have taken poison, and sprayed it over your lawn. In doing so, you have caused a lot of pain to others around you, by killing your pasture.
Often times, when you cross into another pasture, it too will be damaged and become barren. It does so, because it wasn’t your pasture to trespass on. It belonged to another and because it did, you have left that husbandman feeling raped of their land and in pain.
What gives you the right to do so much damage? In being the poison that would trespass on another’s pasture. To hurting the husbandman of the pasture, to hurt all those around.
It takes a strong commitment to keep your pasture green. It takes time, nurturing and love. The making of a green pasture does not happen instantly nor does keeping it green. It takes work from all those involved, there is no only giving 50 %, It must be 100%.
You will soon find after crossing to the “greener pasture” that it is not what you expected, you have been sold a lake in a dessert. Your real estate agent sold you a lemon. Now you may be stuck and find yourself without a pasture to call your own.
If you find yourself appreciating your pasture for whatever reason. Find a new way to spark it up. Try new landscape, new games to play. Keep things interesting, love your pasture, nurture it and it will love you back.


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