Double Standards

Last week, as we all know there was an assassination attempt on the republican party at a practice for a charity baseball game.  The shooter from Belleville, IL not far from where I am sitting at this moment.

Earlier this week a man from Edwardsville, IL (even closer) to where I am sitting, was detained and arrested by Secret Service for threatening to assassinate the President of the United States.

This morning the first thing I see on the news is Johnny Depp, calling for the assassination of the President.  I would have to agree with Johnny on one thing during his speech in the UK. He is not an actor.

Earlier, last month Kathy Griffin went on stage holding what was suppose to be the severed head of the President.

I’m reminded of the day after Mr. Trump took office, Madonna stood down the street from the White House and said she wanted to blow it up.

Why is it that celebrities get by with such trash?  Are they above the Federal Law? Well, it seems they are, according to they law.

Because the offense consists of pure speech, the courts have issued rulings attempting to balance the government’s interest in protecting the President with free speech rights under the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. According to the book Stalking, Threatening, and Attacking Public Figures, “Hundreds of celebrity howlers threaten the President of the United States every year, sometimes because they disagree with his policies, but more often just because he is the President.”[6]

A celebrity can make threats against the President’s life, that is nuts.  Was it not a celebrity that assassinated Abraham Lincoln?

A few years ago, there was a big movement against “hate speech” from pulpits in churches, against Islam, homosexuality etc.

But isn’t it hate speech to call for the death of the President, if I called for the death of Joe Blow and someone acted on it.  I would rightfully be charged in his death.

What ever happened to responsibility speech from those in the public eye?  I believe that Depp, Madonna, Griffin and those involved in the play that included an assassination of the President should all be arrested just as the man in Edwardsville, IL.

I am not sticking up for the man in Edwardsville, in any way.  I am suggesting there is a double standard.









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  1. I agree 100%. It’s getting ridiculous the disrespect not only for the man but for the office. Disagree with him, threaten to leave the country but in no way should you be allowed to threaten his life without consequences.

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